Diagnose Your Appliance's Issues on Your Own

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What Are Some Common Problems Your Appliances May Experience?


  • Leaks - could be caused by hoses, door gaskets, pump, tub boot, or too much soap.
  • No spin/no drain - most commonly caused by the belt, coupler, lid switch or pump.
  • Not filling - usually a problem with the pressure switch or valve.
  • Burn smell - something might be in the pump or belt. Possibly a bad motor.


  • Taking too long to dry - usually caused by clogged vents. Also, checking the thermostat or the element may be shorting.
  • No start - can be a door switch or the motor is out.
  • No heat - commonly it's a thermostat, thermistor or element issue.


  • Not cold - is usually caused by a bad cold control or it may be a defrosting problem.
  • Leaking - can be caused by a defrosting problem or a clogged drain trough. It may also be due to the drain heaters being out, or if the door gaskets aren't properly sealed.
  • Running constantly - is common with bad door seals, thermostats or defrost problems.


  • No drain - is commonly caused by a clogged drain, a bad pump, or a kinked hose.
  • No fill - is usually caused by a bad float switch or valve.
  • Not cleaning - check and clean the filter. If you have low water supply, low water temperature or excessive detergent, these also could cause debris on dishes.


  • Not baking - can be caused by a bad element or bad bake switch.
  • Not broiling - usually caused by element, thermostat or select switch.
  • Burners out - can be a bad element disc, burner block or switch problem.
  • Gas units - most common issue is the spark module and ignitor.


  • No heat - caused by a bad capacitor, rectifier, relay board, or magnetron.
  • Plate is not turning - the motor or drive belt could be in need of repair.

Ice Makers

  • No ice - usually a bad I/M or it needs a valve. Gears could be stripped.
  • Leaking - commonly a valve or fill tube issue.


  • Not freezing - bad thermostat, relay or compressors are the most common problem.
  • Leaking - this could be a bad door gasket or a clogged drain trough.

Hot Water Heaters

  • No heat - usually the thermostat or motor needs repairs.

Trash Compactors

  • Jammed - clear and clean debris out completely. Lube drives or replace mechanical parts.

Garbage Disposals

  • Jammed and humming - probably the disposer is clogged. Alternatively, the motor could be bad.

Safety Procedures to Keep in Mind

If you're going to self-diagnose your appliance's issue, it's important to make sure you're as safe as possible while doing so. Keep these safety notes in mind:

  • Pull your hair back.
  • Remove any metal that you're wearing.
  • Double-check to see if the appliance is working.
  • Check and reset the breaker panel.
  • Unplug the appliance before working with it.
  • If the appliance uses gas, then make sure you turn off the gas before looking at it.

If you have any questions-or would like to schedule repair service-then please give us a call.