Appliance Repair Specialists Inc.

King County: (253) 838-7059
Pierce County: (253) 581-9420
Thurston County: (360) 754-9252

At Appliance Repair Specialists, Inc., we want to give our clients the best service possible. That's why we offer a variety of warranties on our services and parts. If you're looking for the most outstanding service available, then please consider giving us a call.

Appliance Repair Specialists Inc. - Warranty on Service

  • Diagnostic/Estimate: 15 days
  • Repair/Replace: 30 days
  • Parts: as per the manufacturer

Warranty Companies Serviced Through Appliance Repair Specialists Inc.
  • American Home Shield
    Service: 1-800-251-1608
    Placing a Claim: 1-800-305-7031

  • Fidelity National Home Warranty
    Customer Service/Placing a Claim:

  • First American Home Warranty
    Customer Service/Claims:

  • 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

  • American First Choice Warranty

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