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Appliance Repair Specialists, a major appliance repair company, has served South King, Pierce and Thurston counties of Washington for over 48 years. We service all major brand household appliances. We are licensed, bonded, and insured and will come to you to fix your appliances the same day or within a day of your service request.

A 30-day service warranty, manufacturer's parts warranty, and a customer satisfaction guarantee is included.

Print out or email this Appliance Repair Coupon to us at cami@appliancerepairars.com and receive a 10% discount on your next appliance repair service request.


Trash Compactors
Recycle Centers
Ice Makers
Garbage Disposals
Hot Water Dispensers

For appliance repair service scheduling or customer service issues please call:

King County
Federal Way
South Seattle
(253) 838-7059
(253) 854-6430

Pierce County
(253) 581-9420
(253) 848-5082

Thurston County
(360) 754-9252

Energy Savings Tips

  • Set hot water heater to 120ยบ and to "vacation mode" when not in use
  • Only run dishwasher when full
  • Use the "Energy Saver" feature on dishwasher
  • Do laundry in cold water if possible
  • Keep freezer as full as possible
  • Keep dryer lint trap clean after each load
  • Limit time in the shower
  • Change furnace filters monthly
  • Caulk all windows
  • Use shrink-wrap on non-insulated windows
  • Close fireplace damper
  • Wrap and seal heating ducts
  • Vacuum heaters and vent registers
  • Weather-strip doors
  • Wrap water pipes
  • Use energy efficient fluorescent bulbs
  • Turn lights off in rooms not being used
  • Hang clothes outside to dry in warm weather
  • Closing draperies and blinds will keep heat inside during winter and keep heat outside during the summer

Appliance Brands

Recommended Cleaning Products For Washing Clothes

Most wash cycles are set at temperatures where soap can breakdown slowly with powder formulas. Use Laundry products that have "He" on the label. These products are designed to breakdown for the models 10 yrs old and newer.

Best Natural Products

Shaklee Go Green Laundry & Cleaning Products

To order Shaklee Cleaning Products, e-mail us at: Cami and leave your name, address, phone, and email address with your request.